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To connect people with new cities with the strategic use of technology, systems, and area expertise

GO makes it easy for you. We understand that you need real-time information at your fingertips so you know exactly what is going on with new hires.

  • Some of our clients have us log into their system & update directly into their own systems
  • We can create on online portal for custom reporting
  • Some of our clients just request a simple email with updates

For your convenience, we can also provide weekly or monthly summary reports.

GO will respond within 2 hours by phone and email unless otherwise specified on the authorization. We follow the authorization to the letter. We like to make sure that we stay in close contact with the new hire and that we are available when they need us. All communications are tracked, documented, and often monitored for quality assurance. GO’s Destination Service Managers are available 24/7 – every day of the year.

To make sure the new hire is receiving personalized service, we have various assessments based on the authorized service. However, if your organization has a needs assessment, we will happily use yours for synchronicity to the new hire. What is most important is that the new associates have an opportunity to customize the service he/she receives within the parameters of the authorization.

Throughout the process, we check in with the relocating associate to ensure they are receiving the service they are looking for. To ensure quality, we have use a 10-point post-service survey that is sent via email immediately after service. However, if your company has a survey, we will happily use yours.

We have a strong presence in all US markets and we are constantly growing.

Our Global Network Management department is specifically charged building our network for service to your new associates wherever the destination.

Yes! Currently, GO has activity in several countries such as: the UK, Japan, Morocco, Turkey, Australia, China, Canada, India, and Brazil and a few others.

Actually, GO started with a strong focus in the Midwest. With over 16 years of experience; however, GO has developed into a strong national and international company that continues to grow.

We are currently serving all U.S. markets and we are constantly recruiting, hiring and training new professional Area Consultants to meet the demands of our growing business.

We use a combination of phone and email and text. We contact the new hire within 2 hours unless otherwise specified on the authorization and we stay in constant communication throughout the service period.

Our Area Consultants speak a number of different languages including: English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, Chinese, and German.

Yes, many of our staff members have CRP designations. For the best service to new associates, we feel that industry experience and education is very important. Internally, we also have a very comprehensive and on-going training – generally once or twice a month.

By definition, yes. However, working with GO is like working with a large company with robust resources with personalized, small business attention.

Certified veteran-owned and minority-owned.

GO works with the world’s largest companies spanning a plethora of industries including: pharmaceuticals, automotive, airline, healthcare, IT, higher education, and many others.

Just give us a call. We’ve responded to same-day service requests – very successfully, we might add. Ideal notice, however, is 10-14 days.

We make it easy! Just call us at 317.848.2022 or email service requests to services@GoDestinationservices.com

. We’ll confirm with you immediately.

Our pleasure. To help with recruitment and retention, GO has an array of services specifically for spouses and significant others.

Absolutely! GO is a great network of both translators and interpreters for the best service to international associates and their families.

Absolutely! That’s one of our specialties.

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For any inquiries relating to my Retail and Leadership Programs or Coaching and Mentoring services feel free to speak to me personally by call us during business hours.

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    GO is global destination service partner that offers an enhanced experience through personalized attention, technology-integration, and flexible service options. GO Destination Services is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana with an international service footprint.

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