Imagine destination service technology that simplifies, personalizes, and enhances the experience. At GO, our technology does just that. And more.

With relocating associates, counselors, and stakeholders in mind, GO’s technology makes it easy.  Updates flow effortlessly.  Reporting is insightful.  Communication is constant.   

And GO’s artificial intelligence seems all too real.   

Keep reading and learn more about award-winning technology that is reimagining the global destination service experience. 



NorthStar is GO’s proprietary technology that efficiently manages authorizations, creates reports, and provides a communication platform for associates, counsellors, consultants, and program managers. 

The trailblazing platform consists of a user-loving app, online portal, and authorization management system CRM.      

GO’s NorthStar VIP mobile app allows the associate to track the progress of their service from start to finish by giving access to reports, calendars, and chat.  

All information and communication from the app are captured in the NorthStar CRM and monitored for optimal service delivery. 

From communications to analytics and reporting, GO’s NorthStar Platform leaps over the competition. 

Working with GO 4

Meet SAM

Meet SAM

GO artificial intelligence for global destination service.

With all-due excitement, GO’s SAM offers revolutionary and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to enrich and enhance destination service support.   

Whether the interest is organic grocery stores, youth soccer, or hair salons, SAM provides 100% customized research for personal interests and hobbies right at the associate’s fingertips through the NorthStar VIP mobile app. 

SAM speaks over 120 different languages and accents and presents many diverse features.  

Moreover, SAM provides engaging customized content, personalized area information, as well as authorization specific tips and tutorials for the settling in process. GO’s unique approach of combining artificial intelligence and personalized attention provides associates with a clearer understanding of expectations and a greater connection to the local community. 

GO API Services

Destination Service with Data Protection

The only endeavor that is more important than providing world-class destination service is providing industry-leading data security.

That’s why GO remains vigilant, diligent, and alert with sensitive information.

In today’s digital age, data security is a critical concern for us at GOAt GO, we have have a responsibility to protect sensitive dataTo ensure data security, GO implements various measures and best practices, including: 

In summary, GO demonstrated it’s commitment to data security to protect sensitive information of our client, comply with regulations, prevent breaches, maintain business continuity, safeguard intellectual property, preserve customer trust, mitigate insider threats, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

By prioritizing data security, we can mitigate risks and ensure the integrity, and confidentiality of the data provided to us..

“Technology beautifies the destination service experience!”

John Merriweather, Founder | President & CEO


GO is global destination service partner that offers an enhanced experience through personalized attention, technology-integration, and flexible service options. GO Destination Services is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana with an international service footprint.

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