International Services

International Services

Associates receive a personalized blend of services that prepare them for assignments around the globe.

Step-by-Step Guidance
Needs evaluation for personalized service
Pre-move counseling for the assignee and family
Move planning and departure services
Individualized research based on needs, interests, and hobbies
Home Locating
Customized rental home searches
Lease negotiation for the best possible terms
Furniture leasing arrangements
Utilities management
Area Orientation and Support
Customized school research, evaluation, selection, and enrollment assistance
Acclimation to license branch, social security office, and financial institutions
Connection to local resources including cultural and language training
Connection to social network & affinity groups
Counsel on how to navigate the city
Social Security guidance and accompanied application
City tour of main attractions, entertainment venues, hobbies, shopping, grocery stores, and much more

For the best possible work performance, employee satisfaction, and the greatest return on investment, international assignees and their families need comprehensive support services as they plan for and settle-in to their new city.

International assignees feel comfortable knowing that GO will begin working with them once the assignment date is established up through 180 days after they move-in.

With an internationally diverse team of professionals and alliances, GO stands ready to serve our clients on-the-move across the globe by offering comprehensive destination services.

Average Service Length: 1-5 days

Benefit: Assignment support,job performance, family support associate satisfaction


GO is global destination service partner that offers an enhanced experience through personalized attention, technology-integration, and flexible service options. GO Destination Services is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana with an international service footprint.

GO's phone number:
+1 317 559 3225

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